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About me


My name in Andrey Vyshlov, I am 50 years old and we live in London with my wife and my daugther. We also have a son, Alex Vyshlov, who lives in Frankfurt, feel free to check him out.

  • Chief Revenue Officeer at ProvenWorks, developers of award-winning applications for Salesforce CRM available on the AppExchange.
  • Founder: pitchshare, securAkiro
  • Investor: StoreDot, Allset, Standard Congnition, Kraken, UFO Drive, Nippy, Grocemania, GetFaster, DigiDoe
  • Mentor/Visiting Fellow: REACH UK, Zinc
  • Lived and learned around the globe: USA, Israel, UK
  • Passionate about technology, healthy lifestyle and sport (mostly running)
  • Interested to try and learn new things, but also happy to apply things I already know

What I do

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May 1, 2023

Security Reviews, Assessments, and Questionnaires in SaaS

A different type of a blog post from me, more like an “article” this time. I am keen to get into the Security Review automation space, so lets start by outlining some terms and definitions: Introduction As organizations increasingly adopt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, ensuring the security of their data and applications has become a top priority. Before entering into a contractual relationship with a SaaS supplier, customers often request security reviews, assessments, or questionnaires to evaluate the supplier’s security measures and practices. Read more
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